Managing Partner


 Peter McAvinn, CLU, CFP®, CFA
 New York Life, Boston General Office
 Fifth Floor, 201 Jones Road
 Waltham, MA 02451
 Phone (781) 647-4100
 FAX (781) 647-2832

 Managing Partner Peter McAvinn is a thorough Bostonian!
 He grew up in Newton, MA.
 He graduated from Catholic Memorial High School
 in West Roxbury, and from Boston College, the Carroll School of  Management.

Peter has been a leader in the life insurance industry since 1983, and a Sales Manager, Partner, and Managing Partner since 1986.  He earned the CFP®  certification July 21, 1989; Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) October 7, 1989; and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) July 15, 1998.

He was a recipient of a Ouimet Caddy Scholarship, and is an active member of the Francis Ouimet Society. Peter resides in Wellesley, MA with his three children, Christopher, Paige, and Jillian.

Although he demands dedicated performance from his partners, agents, and staff, one of Peter's most emphasized instructions is "Schedule your fun time, your family time, and your vacations as carefully as you do your business appointments".